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Founded in 1997, David Murphy et Cie specializes in music and audiovisual copyright administration.

The use and exploitation of your musical and cinematographic works in Canada or abroad generates significant copyright income.

The management of these exploitation rights is complex and deserves sustained attention.

From metadata management to the collection of all the rights associated with your works, we process and analyze the data in depth to maximize the financials returns.

Collecting royalties related to the exploitation of the works of our clients, is the expertise that we have developed and that we offer to authors, composers, publishers and audiovisual producers.

Collect what you are owed.

« Nous offrons des contrats de courte durée. Et nos clients renouvellent leurs contrats. Pour conserver leur loyauté, nous devons générer davantage de bénéfices que le coût de nos services. Et, on doit le faire mieux et plus rapidement que quiconque. »

- David Murphy