Transparency and integrity both represent the fundamental basics of the trusting relationships we develop with our clients.

Our mission

Ensure that our clients receive their copyright royalties related to the exploitation of the music and audiovisual works within the shortest time period.

Our values

Transparency and integrity

Transparency and integrity represent the basics of the trusting relationships we develop with our clients. Our actions in developing and protecting their rights are guided with an irreproachable sense of ethic.
When you do business with us, you get transparency.


Rights Management is a job that requires thoroughness and rigour.
The management processes we use have proven themselves.
Whether it is for the registration of works, the updating of your repertoire or the preparation of the royalty reports, we are at all times in full control of the status of your file.


We have a proactive approach at each stage of the rights and royalty management process.

Our goal is to anticipate and address any upstream issues so as to expedite the collection of revenues from the exploitation of your works, both in Canada and internationally.

Personalized approach

Every client is unique.
We respect this uniqueness by developing a personalized approach according to their needs and expectations.

Our approach

The multiplication of platforms and distribution sources (such as audiovisual and audio streaming, satellite transmission, user generated content, etc.) and the ever-increasing number of users make the management and control of the copyright process a complex task.

As a result, many producers, publishers and authors-composers do not maximize their royalty revenues, usually because they do not have the resources and expertise to do an adequate job.

We will develop action plans that can generate better results.
This is why our expertise is retained.

It leads us to play a consulting role in the management of our clients’ royalties.

This expertise coupled with a powerful exclusive rights management Web platform, allows us to closely monitor and maximize their royalties.

Our remuneration

Our remuneration is exclusively based on the revenues collected for our clients.
It is transparent and linked to concrete results.
There are no file opening fees or hidden fees.

Collect what you are owed.

« Nous offrons des contrats de courte durée. Et nos clients renouvellent leurs contrats. Pour conserver leur loyauté, nous devons générer davantage de bénéfices que le coût de nos services. Et, on doit le faire mieux et plus rapidement que quiconque. »

- David Murphy