David Murphy

President, since 1997 • Founder of David Murphy et Cie

David has more than twenty-five years of experience in copyright management. Always proactive, he represents and defends the interests of his clients in order to increase the value of their assets and collect what is owed to them. He fuels their thinking by acting as a strategic advisor.

Mélanie Fuller

Executive Manager, since 1997 • Cofounder of David Murphy et Cie

Business partner and David’s collaborator since day 1, Mélanie is actively involved in the company’s business decisions.
She is responsible for the administration and management of human resources.

Stéphanie Bouchard

Coordinator Legal Department, since 2020

Holder of a diploma in paralegal, Stéphanie collaborates in the preparation of the contracts and coordinates the various follow-ups.
She is also responsible for preparing the documents relating to clients’ membership in rights management companies.
She also deals with retransmission rights conflicts.

Rolland Forest

Distribution and Billing Agent, since 2021

With a rich and diversified background and a degree in Business Administration, Rolland collects and processes data to ensure a fair distribution of royalties to rights holders.
He also prepare the billing for the various revenues for our clients.

Isabelle Gagnon

License and Concert Agent, since 2021

Isabelle holds a master’s degree in clarinet interpretation and has a keen interest in music and general culture.
She works closely with Valérie in the processing of synchronization licenses.
She is also responsible for obtaining information about the works played in concerts and for making the declarations to the copyright societies concerned.

Valérie Gauthier

Rights and Contracts Manager, since 2015

Based in Quebec since 2014, Valérie holds a Master’s degree in Law obtained in Switzerland at the University of Neuchâtel.
She is the main negotiator of contracts (publishing, co-publishing, sub-publishing) and synchronization licenses.

Catherine Laplante

Coordinator, Data Analysis and Exchange, since 2021

Catherine has a master’s degree in information science and extensive expertise in coding and business processes.
As part of the team, she is responsible for data exchanges between the company and its foreign partners (copyright societies, streaming platform, tracking service, etc.).
She plays a crucial role in maximizing our clients’ revenues.

Stéphane Martire

Audiovisual Service Coordinator, since 2019

Stéphane receives all information relating to the repertoires and exploitations of audiovisual works represented. He follows up with clients and copyright societies.

Thomas Murphy

Administrative Agent, since 2017

As a Bachelor’s student in Sports Studies / double major: management and athletic development, Thomas is as proficient with Excel files as he is in playing basketball 😉
His great organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks make him the ideal colleague to support the team in various tasks.

Jean-François Nadeau

Programmer Analyst, since 2019

After a brief stint in the field of scientific computing in bioinformatics, Jean-Francois is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the Université de Sherbrooke.
He develops computer tools and applications to improve our efficiency..
His academic background has allowed him to establish a close and complicit relationship with Wippi 😊

Dominique St-Cyr

Music Service Coordinator, since 2013

Dominique is the central point of communication for our music clients. She collects, collates and validates all information related to the repertoires and exploitations of the musical works represented. She is also responsible for the links with the copyright societies.
Graphic designer in another life, she has the artistic assets to keep the company’s website up to date.


Collection Agent, since 2005



Data Management App, since 2012

Wippi is the name of a creature that is said to be swimming in the waters of the Massawippi (“great deep lake” in Abénakis), a lake located in the Eastern Townships, near the headquarters of David Murphy et Cie.
Just like the creature, always looking for food in the smallest crevices and underwater caves of the “great deep lake”, our Wippi feeds in the remotest corners of oceans of data, to extract all its riches. Metadata and Big Data are his favourite dishes. As a trawler capturing fish in its nets, WiPPi casts a wide net and collects huge amounts of data. Wippi then analyzes this data and all royalties are extracted from it.
The “beast”, as its colleagues call it, is a loyal and faithful creature, on whom one can always count.

Collect what you are owed.